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Retaining Walls

Weston Stone® Fire pit kit Collection

Weston Stone® Fire pit kit

For those who prefer a cleaner more contemporary look, Belgard’s Weston Stone fire pit kit offers a pleasing visual alternative to some of our more textured products. The kit is available in several popular color blends developed to complement most Belgard paving stone and retaining wall styles.

Colors and Shapes

Actual color and size may vary. To assure your total satisfaction, request samples of the style and color you’re interested in.

Brittany Blend
Brittany Blend
Fossil Beige
Fossil Beige*
Sable Blend
Sable Blend*
Sheffield Blend
Sheffield Blend

*NEW for 2012

Weston Stone® Fire pit kit - Wall Stone
Wall Stone
4" x 8" x 12"

Weston Stone® Fire pit kit Package Contents:

  • Metal Fire Insert
  • Clay Fire Brick
  • Bag of Sand

A total of forty-eight (48) Weston Stone® units are used to build a 16" high fire pit*
(four courses of twelve).
Adhesive sold separately.
Weston Wall Units sold separately.
For more information, contact your Belgard® representative